Saturday, 31 January 2009

About The Sims 3

 I’m not convinced that anyone even reads my blog, even though the hit counter says there is at least a peek or two.

Today, I think I must confess my fear of The Sims 3.

Truthfully, I was fine with the original Sim City – that came out about 20 years ago or so. Then  EA Games went deeper into the city and developed The Sims – the first of its kind, allowing people like me with serious control issues and a God complex to create and rule right down to the bathroom detail, the lives of virtual Sims.

After five or six upgrade packs, my favourite being Sims Superstar – where you could make your Sims famous, EA Games went all 3-D virtual reality and came up with The Sims 2.

Now this game – wow – it feeds the creative soul like no other game can. I can build mansions, populate gardens with gorgeous plant-life, and even hire a gardener to make sure it all stays in perfect condition.

My Sims have amazing careers (one as a professional party guest). They can live on the ocean, on the lake, in the mountains, in the city.

It’s the greatest virtual escape ever created, as long as you have the patience to create within the game’s realm.

So the Sims 2 has been around for a few years – and it seems that every 6  months or so they come up with yet another expansion pack. Most of them are no more than 20 bucks, but once you add up a few expansion packs – it gets a little pricey.

And I was happy with my second generation Sims. I even gave the old games to my neighbour, but she is now into the Sims 2 as well.

Uh. Oh.

The Sims 3 promises more than I could ever imagine with the Sims 2. But that means I will have to leave my other Sims behind – and I’m not sure I’m ready to do that.

But the third generation looks a little too tempting. . .


Saturday, 10 January 2009

Obama's Inauguration on the 20th

So I'm pidaddlin' on Facebook, and notice that a few of my pals are attending the history makin' Inauguration of the first black president of the United States of America.

I have never been so proud to be a voter.

So there's this Facebook event that you can state your purpose by replying that you will 'attend' the event by watching CNN that day.

I respond that I will attend - like I'd miss it - there will be more watchers that day than anything else in history, I'm thinkin'.

Of course there are the usual comments listed below the event. So many are proud, others cause an eye-rolling with their democrat hating rants.

And. Then. There. Are. These.

  His comment? NoBOMBa

Sigh. I wonder what the secret service would think of this idiot? He may be perfectly harmless, but wouldn't it be great if he got a personal 'scared straight' episode of his own?

It gives me glee just thinking about it.

Not only did this idiot's picture frighten me - he's smoking SOMETHING while driving in his car and pointing a stinkin' GUN at the camera.

Why is this necessary in his world?

It's just sad. Besides the sick feeling in my stomach from this, there are no words.

A Recent Breakthrough on the Book Writing, and . . .

Your horoscope for January 10, 2009

"A project that you have worked on for a long time could be bringing some money your way. However, don't be too disappointed if you don't have it in your hand to spend today. There might be a short delay of some kind, perhaps due to a muck up in the mail service. You might be turning your thoughts now to new projects, and while you have a lot of ideas, Joyce, you aren't likely to make firm decisions or definite plans today. "

Sometimes, these silly horoscopes just hit it right on the 'money', ya know. When I read it, I knew it was about my book, and the dozens of others waiting to get out of my head and into a manuscript.

Friday, 9 January 2009

It Has Recently Come to My Attention . . .

That indeed I do have a few readers who miss my columns in the local paper. It was brought up at a recent town council meeting, that ever since they laid off the editor, my friend Dianne Pindermoss, the paper has gone to ****.

Because it is true, I can't let my own ethics allow me to write for them at this time.

However, I am going to try to be really diligent about writing here.

If you read my blog, you know what to expect. If you're new here - be ready for irreverent, sarcastic, and unedited. It's my blog, and although I love knowing that my writing entertains - these musings are still, after all, my own thoughts.

That said - I wouldn't mind knowing what you're thinking from time to time, either.

I'll keep writing if you comment...