Monday, 18 June 2012

Someone Asked My Advice. . . What Would You Say?

So an acquaintance asked me if I expected my husband to reply “I love you” after I’ve said it first.

I had to think about a moment because, at first, I thought ”Hell yeah he’d better reply with an I love you MORE.” But then, after another millisecond (because that’s how fast my brain works, y’all), I said “No.”

“Why?” She asked.

Whenever I say I love you to my man, it’s because I am feeling it, you know? When my heart, head and soul collide in a warm-fuzzy moment is when I love you comes out. And I hope that’s when he says I love you to me, too.

Of course, the reality is, he’d better say it back, damn skippy.

What’s your take?