Saturday, 6 August 2011

Swype . . . the Best Invention for Texting . . .EVAH.

what is swype?

If you have a touch-screen phone and you text, well – ever – you should go right to and download their beta product for the Swype input method on your touch-screen keyboard.

Really, Simply swype your finger across the keyboard in the order of the letters, without lifting your hand, and it just, spookily KNOWS. You will be astounded. Even my husband, who always just says “so what, it’s a phone,” said “now that’s pretty cool.”

I downloaded the product on the recommendation of a Rogers employee and simply can’t believe how intuitive this input method is. Even on testing the software on the employee’s phone, I swyped “What the heck is this madness?” and it entered it perfectly.

Madness is what it is, it’s so cool. It’s a free download in Beta form – and so far it works perfectly.

Trust me, once you use Swype, you won’t ever want to go back to thunm-texting, well. . . EVAH.