Friday, 28 August 2015

FIFA Women's World Cup, Ottawa, 2015 #FIFAWWC

The cousins are coming! The cousins are coming! And I am STOKED.
Oh, yes, and there are a gazillion ultra-talented soccer players from all over the world here in Ottawa for the next two weeks - and they are all WOMEN! Yeah - #girlpower! Here's a question - why on earth is the Women's World Cup considered inferior to the men's competition? Hmmm? It's astounding, really.

Here's a photo of the lovely Thailand team. They were so fun to watch, even though they did go overboard on the "I need a stretcher!"
Thailand is grateful!

When I see that my last post was published in 2009? Well, that must be the day I abandoned blogging for Facebook. Please forgive me. I think I am back - with my snarky take on life and love in Canada! My hope, as always, is to inspire you, make you smile or laugh, and basically to just sprinkle kindness all over you. YOU are amazing.

You're welcome.