Monday, 4 August 2008

Is it Possible to Take Too Many Pictures?

By no means is this all I have to say about Riverside Jam, but Sunday night was completely bewildering.

First, I ended up hanging out, watching Mark Chesnutt then meeting Mark and the band by myself, my pal happier to hang in the beer tent?

Hey, all access means beer tent too.

Second, for some reason, a couple of staff members backstage decided to make my night uncomfortable.

When I asked whom I should speak to about possibly getting a couple of minutes with Lorrie Morgan and Mark Chesnutt, I was told with much condescension that I should have contacted this guy three weeks ago.

Bummer. He said he couldn't promise anything but he would see what he could do.

I admit I wasn't very hopeful. I thanked him and left it at that, but he informed me that basically, my 'all access' pass meant nothing, and he could revoke it any time he wanted.

Huh? What'd I say that merited that from mister-too-big-for-his-responsibilities?

I was a little ticked off but knew that even though I'd missed Lorrie (apparently, not only did I have to check with him three weeks earlier - a volunteer with Riverside Jam and a very important engineer for the musical gigs) but I should have foregone my kick-ass interview with Gord Bamford to even hope for one minute with Lorrie Morgan.

Fast forward - tonight I take advantage of my pass and use it to continue (done the same Friday and Saturday) to take pictures in front of the stage, at interesting corner angles, etc.

Next thing I know I'm accused of being bitchy and being asked nicely, ONE time only to move from where I was, because really, how many pictures do I need for the paper?


I was told it was a highly restricted area, to which I apologized profusely. I almost wasn't allowed to get my stuff from the fence line.

At the end of the show a group of women went into the 'highly restricted area' to dance.

When I pointed out to the volunteer complainer that his restricted area was being abused again, I thought his head would explode.

I have to admit, I would have enjoyed it immensely.