Sunday, 3 August 2008

Gord Bamford Rules!

Spent most of last night at Riverside Jam hanging out with Gord Bamford, 15 time Canadian Country Music Association nominee (with his bands talents recognized as well) and his band after they performed. It was amazing - what country performers are supposed to like. Lovin' the music', loving the people and taking it all with a grain of salt.

Songs by Gord Bamford that you'll LOVE:

Blame it on that Red Dress

Went for One, Stayed 'til Two

Come Over Here. . . that song is country hot!

So many others - download (legally, please) now!

So much more to talk about - Lorrie Morgan went from limo to stage to limo again. . . kind of sad.

What's with self-important handlers, anyway? Don't they KNOW that it's the fans that make the music?

But oh yeah, I loved the time spent with Gord and the band. . . wait til I tell you what Gord said. . .


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